LOOK: DSWD Asec Reveals How Cocoy Dayao Allegedly Committed Treason by Spreading Fake News

Prominent social media personality and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment, Asec Lorraine Marie Badoy revealed a posssible scenario why Cocoy Dayao allegedly committed treason for managing Anti-Duterte websites cloaked behind anonymity and attacked the President viciously.

According to Asec Badoy it is not that Cocoy Dayao allegedly wrote anonymously but he had numerous websites and blogs --- all cloaked behind anonymity and those blogs and websites overwhelmingly and viciously anti-Duterte or  anti-administration.

Cocoy Dayao allegedly had content that were riddled with outright lies, half-truths against a duly-elected President of the Republic and his allies.

Asec Badoy also revealed that the agenda and intent of these blogs is crystal clear to undermine the authority of this duly-elected President and the destabilization of the Duterte administration.

Here's the Complete Statement of Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy:

Just a short note because it doesn't seem like the point has been driven home. (And because this is a busy busy day for me, ang Aliping Sagigilid ng Bayan.)

It's not that Cocoy Dayao wrote anonymously.

ALTHOUGH to write your name in BIG BOLD BADASS LETTERS IN BLOOD and then stand by EVERYTHING you've written matters A LOT. ACCOUNTABILITY is not something we thumb our noses on--specially in the digital age where the implications to non-accountability are frightening and potentially devastating.

But for purposes of clarifying to the confused and the nagpapa-confused (HAHA), let's stick to this:
It's not that Cocoy Dayao wrote anonymously.

But that he had NUMEROUS websites and blogs---ALL cloaked behind anoynymity.
And that those blogs and websites were OVERWHELMINGLY and VICIOUSLY Anti-Duterte, Anti-Administration.
Or masqueraded as Pro-Duterte but were, in fact, vehicles for fake news.

And had content that were riddled with OUTRIGHT LIES, HALF-TRUTHS against a DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC and his allies.

And the agenda and intent of these blogs, crystal clear: the undermining of authority of this duly-elected President and the destabilization of the Duterte Administration, a LEGITIMATE AND WORKING GOVERNMENT, and then the eventual OVERTHROW OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.

Those are high crimes right there, my friends. Treason. A betrayal of one's own country.
And to me, the most damning of all, that the creator and administrator of these poison blogs was the PCOO Web Security Consultant of the Aquino Administration.

I mean, dear Lord, the implications are massive and earth-shaking and have the potential to blow up in the faces of those behind these obscene CRIME.

And that MAINSTREAM MEDIA has remained MUM about this hydrogen bomb of an expose that just detonated on cyberspace--well, I can only think of one word for it--besides shameless.
And this word is SELF-INCRIMINATORY.

Source: Asec Badoy FB Page

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