Sec. Andanar to Sen. Trillanes: “Kung maari wag ka ng bumalik pa sa Pilipinas”

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar became tough in his message against Senator Antonio Trillanes who currently in United States of America to meet different U.S politicians.

According to the report of DWIZ 882, Andanar said that Malacañang is confident that the Americans would not believe the information spread by Senator Antonio Trillanes about the Duterte administration.

He said that Americans is not stupid enough to not know the different between right and wrong, so they cannot be deceived by the Filipino Senator who fiercely attacked the Duterte administration and called the President a ‘murderer’

But Andanar clarified that they would not stop Trillanes in his plans in America and he said that the Senator should not go back to Philippines anymore.

Andanar was praised by several bloggers including Sass Sasot for his tough message against Senator Antonio Trillanes.

“Sec. Martin Andanar is really so back! *twit* *twit*” Sasot said in her message.

Last week Senator Trillanes met different U.S Politicians including Republican Senator Marco Rubio, it was rumored that he also met different U.S Central Intelligence Agency officials, but its not yet confirmed yet.

Trillanes denied that he tried to stop the visit of U.S President Donald Trump in the Philippines and he claimed that he only presented ‘factual information’ during his visit.

“To be clear, I did not try to stop the state visit of President Trump since these things are carefully planned and cannot be stopped on the mere say-so of a Philippine senator,” he said.

“Unlike the officials of the Duterte Administration, I presented only factual information. Besides, you cannot fool the US government; they know what’s happening in our country,” Trillanes he added.

Rumors spread that Senator Trillanes is trying to discredit the Duterte administration in the international community, but it was downplayed by the Malacañang palace.

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