Tunay Na Rason Kung Bakit Natanggal si Mabilog Bilang Mayor

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog has been penalized of dismissal from service and perpetual disqualification form the public office.

This is after the Ombudsman gave him the guilty verdict for not being able to properly account and explain his sources of income. In a span of one year, his networth increased to P8.9 million without a clear explanation how.
"Thus, within one year respondent's networth increased by P8,983,082.52, which by any standard, was grossly disproportionate to his legitimate income as a public official and businessman,"
He recently acquired in cash a 664 square meters residential property but cannot explain how he purchased that with the amount of P8,983,082.52.
"No businessman can generate a net income of almost one-half of his equity investments, as in respondent's case where his networth amounted to 45 percent of his declared stock equities and investments,"
As his defense, Mabilog stated that his wife's work is as a comptroller in Canada and is enough to contribute to the increase of his SALN. However, this info was not mentioned in his SALN submission.

According to the Ombudsman, Mabilog's alleged business interests in Mega Pacific Food Services Inc., Iloilo One Esplanade Realty, Iloilo Happy Haus Donuts, and Global Jami Motors Corporation reveals a "conflict of interest" in his duties as a city mayor.

The Ombudsman also added that Mabilog's business interests violate the Norms and Conduct of Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, add to that his interest in the Iloilo One Esplanade Realty "showed he had used his position to give his business unwarranted advantage over other businesses,"

Mabilog and his family is currently overseas after President Rodrigo Duterte accused him of having connections to drug syndicates and even tagged his city as the "most-shabulized" city.

The president warned Mabilog to end his ties withe drug personalities or risk being killed. Mabilog and his family left the country last August 31.

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Source: Sunstar

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